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    Case Study: Personal & Professional Branding for NorthShore Urology Group


    Client Profile:

    NorthShore Urology is part of the largest healthcare system in the area. This group, including the Director of Urology, are recognized globally for their cutting-edge cancer research and surgical techniques. They sought to establish a strong online presence to showcase their research, accolades, and expertise.



    While being prominent in their field, the physicians faced limitations within the health system's IT department, hindering their ability to showcase individual achievements and research. The goal was to create a comprehensive online platform that would allow them to update content easily without relying on the health system's infrastructure.


    Scope of Engagement:

    Our Personal & Professional Branding service addressed the unique needs of the client:

    1. Physician Interviews: Conducted in-depth interviews with physicians and surgeons to understand their individual accomplishments, research, and goals.

    2. Website Co-Creation: Collaborated to design and develop a user-friendly website using low-code no-code solutions, allowing easy updates and maintenance.

    3. Social Media Strategy: Crafted a social media strategy tailored to the group's objectives, emphasizing content showcasing their research, achievements, and expertise.

    4. Traffic Generation: Implemented strategies to drive targeted traffic to the website, enhancing visibility and recognition in the medical community.


    Strategic Actions:

    1. Individual Profiles: Created dedicated sections for each physician, highlighting their research, publications, and professional achievements.

    2. Content Showcase: Developed a content strategy that emphasized the group's cutting-edge cancer research, surgical techniques, and contributions to the field of urology.

    3. Online Engagement: Utilized social media channels to disseminate relevant content, engage with the medical community, and grow the group's online footprint.



    NorthShore Urology successfully established a robust online presence, showcasing their research, accolades, and expertise. The user-friendly website allowed for easy updates and served as a dynamic platform for individual and collective achievements.


    The social media strategy contributed to increased visibility within the medical community, driving targeted traffic to the website. The personalized approach to Personal & Professional Branding empowered the physicians to amplify their impact and recognition in the field of urology.


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