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Would you like to do more in 2024? Could business use a boost but not sure where to start? Or maybe you DO know and it’s time to get to work. HealthCraft Advisors is a business consulting firm specializing in strategy, operations, and business development for small-to-mid size businesses. Our initial focus was in supporting healthcare businesses of all types, and we’ve since grown into other industries. If you’ve hit a plateau, need a strategy, or just want to have an intro meeting with smart business consultants, please reach out. We’re very happy to meet new businesses and make new relationships through which we can help each other.

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What We Enjoy

We are ex-corporate consultants looking for better work/life balance. To achieve that goal, we offer the same corporate quality services at a small business price.

Working With Small Businesses 80%
Working With Healthcare & Wellness Businesses 90%
Innovation, Planning & Execution 95%
Long-Term Relationships 100%


Having worked in and around healthcare for over 50 years, we bring depth and breadth of experience from clinical practice to management/administration to retail, manufacturing (supplements / topicals), and facilities planning & development.

Small Business

We are career consultants hailing from Chicago's NorthShore. Proud to be DHS, Northwestern, & Kellogg grads. We bring the right team, knowledge, skillset, and our regional network of partners to the table.

Business Development

From Fortune 500 companies to owner-operated restaurants. our consultants have helped dozens of organizations grow their operation.


It can be difficult to get where you want to go without a map or GPS. A good plan is like a GPS that guides a business on the right path. We love to plan.


This is our happy place. We are resourceful, seasoned, industry-agnostic operators. Our founders have owned and/or managed over 25 successful businesses.

Social Media

Many of our clients don't have the social media presence required to impact their business. Social media is powerful when setup properly. This can be difficult. We make it easy.

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  • Sales & Marketing Optimization

    Case Study: Sales & Marketing Optimization in the Wellness Industry

    Client Profile:
    AmourCBD, a CBD product line company, specializing in natural pain relief, anti-anxiety, and anti-insomnia solutions derived from hemp. Targeting chiropractors, physical therapists, and sports enthusiasts, AmourCBD faced challenges due to CBD's association with marijuana and limited marketing budget.

    Despite the potential benefits of CBD, AmourCBD struggled with market penetration due to budget constraints. Traditional success stories in the CBD industry involved well-funded startups leveraging extensive marketing and celebrity endorsements. AmourCBD, being bootstrapped, needed a strategy to increase sales without significant marketing expenditures.

    Scope of Engagement:
    Our Sales & Marketing Optimization service was tailored to address AmourCBD's specific challenges:

    1. Customer Segmentation Exercise: Conducted in-depth analysis to identify the most lucrative customer segments with the highest potential to convert.
    2. Online Marketing Strategy: Developed a targeted online marketing strategy and content for identified customer segments, focusing on educational content to overcome CBD misconceptions.
    3. Social Media Management: Took charge of AmourCBD's social media profiles, creating engaging and informative content to build brand credibility and engage with the audience.
    4. Sales Team Recruitment: Interviewed candidates for sales positions, ensuring alignment with AmourCBD's values and goals.
    5. Event Participation: Attended conferences and conventions to network, showcase products, and stay updated on industry trends.
    6. Distribution Network Expansion: Engaged with wellness product distributors and commercial product brokers to explore opportunities for placement in large national drug-store chains.

    Our comprehensive Sales & Marketing Optimization strategy enabled AmourCBD to overcome financial constraints and expand its market presence. By targeting specific customer segments and focusing on educational content, AmourCBD successfully increased sales without relying on extensive marketing or celebrity influencers.

    The approach not only improved online engagement but also facilitated partnerships with key distributors and brokers, opening avenues for placement in major drug-store chains. AmourCBD's success story highlights the effectiveness of a strategic, targeted approach to sales and marketing in overcoming industry challenges.

  • Office Planning & Development


    Case Study: Office Planning & Development for Illuminare Holdings

    Client Profile:
    Illuminare Holdings, is an Integrative Medicine & Wellness company, specializing in cutting-edge treatments for injury recovery and longevity enhancement. The clientele includes professional athletes, celebrities, and executives from prominent companies.

    Illuminare sought to establish its Flagship clinic in the Chicagoland area. The goal was to create a state-of-the-art facility that reflected their commitment to advanced healthcare solutions. The company engaged our consulting services to manage the entire office planning and development process.

    Scope of Engagement:
    Our team, specializing in Office Planning & Development, embarked on a comprehensive approach to realize Illuminare's vision. The scope included:

    1. Location Identification: Conducted thorough market analysis to pinpoint an optimal location aligning with Illuminare's target demographic and business objectives.
    2. Architectural Coordination: Collaborated with architects to create a design that seamlessly blended aesthetic appeal with functional efficiency.
    3. Permit Acquisition: Navigated through city regulations to secure necessary permits for construction and operations.
    4. Construction Management: Identified and managed a reliable construction contractor, ensuring quality and timely completion.
    5. Referral Network Development: Established strategic partnerships with local healthcare professionals and organizations to foster a robust referral network.
    6. Marketing Coordination: Aligned office opening with a coordinated marketing campaign, leveraging both traditional and digital channels.
    7. Event Planning: Orchestrated special events, including the grand opening, to generate buzz and community engagement.

    The successful execution of the project plan resulted in Illuminare's Flagship clinic being developed on time and on budget. The clinic has received positive attention from the community, attracting both local residents and high-profile clientele. Our integrated approach ensured a seamless transition from planning to execution, and we are currently three months from completion.

    This case exemplifies our expertise in Office Planning & Development, where meticulous planning and strategic execution converge to create tangible success for our clients.

  • Private Equity


    Case Study: Private Equity Investment in Arctic Thermal Solutions

    Client Profile:

    Arctic Thermal Solutions, a thermal packaging company specializing in bio-degradable materials with superior insulating properties compared to traditional styrofoam. Facing financial distress, Arctic Thermal sought a strategic partner to navigate challenges and capitalize on the market shift away from non-biodegradable materials.


    Arctic Thermal faced significant financial difficulties despite holding a strategic advantage with its innovative bio-degradable thermal packaging. The company's future was at risk due to poor business decisions, and the changing regulatory landscape posed both a threat and an opportunity.

    Scope of Engagement:

    Our Private Equity service addressed Arctic Thermal's challenges through a comprehensive approach:

    1. Due Diligence: Conducted rigorous legal, financial, and business due diligence to assess the current state of Arctic Thermal.

    2. Investment Decision: Based on due diligence findings, made the strategic decision to invest in Arctic Thermal, acquiring an ownership stake.

    3. Management and Strategic Participation: Actively participated in the management and strategic decision-making processes of Arctic Thermal to enhance overall company performance.

    Strategic Actions:

    1. Market Positioning: Leveraged Arctic Thermal's innovative bio-degradable material as a strategic substitute for styrofoam, capitalizing on the changing regulatory landscape.

    2. Operational Efficiency: Implemented measures to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize production processes.

    3. Financial Restructuring: Worked on financial restructuring to stabilize the company's financial position and create a foundation for sustainable growth.

    4. Regulatory Compliance: Ensured Arctic Thermal's compliance with evolving regulations surrounding thermal packaging materials.


    The Private Equity investment and active participation in Arctic Thermal's management yielded positive results. The company successfully navigated financial difficulties, capitalized on its strategic advantage in bio-degradable materials, and positioned itself as a leader in the evolving thermal packaging market.

    The case exemplifies the transformative impact of Private Equity in revitalizing a company facing financial challenges, turning it into a resilient and competitive player in its industry.

  • Personal & Professional Branding


    Case Study: Personal & Professional Branding for NorthShore Urology Group


    Client Profile:

    NorthShore Urology is part of the largest healthcare system in the area. This group, including the Director of Urology, are recognized globally for their cutting-edge cancer research and surgical techniques. They sought to establish a strong online presence to showcase their research, accolades, and expertise.



    While being prominent in their field, the physicians faced limitations within the health system's IT department, hindering their ability to showcase individual achievements and research. The goal was to create a comprehensive online platform that would allow them to update content easily without relying on the health system's infrastructure.


    Scope of Engagement:

    Our Personal & Professional Branding service addressed the unique needs of the client:

    1. Physician Interviews: Conducted in-depth interviews with physicians and surgeons to understand their individual accomplishments, research, and goals.

    2. Website Co-Creation: Collaborated to design and develop a user-friendly website using low-code no-code solutions, allowing easy updates and maintenance.

    3. Social Media Strategy: Crafted a social media strategy tailored to the group's objectives, emphasizing content showcasing their research, achievements, and expertise.

    4. Traffic Generation: Implemented strategies to drive targeted traffic to the website, enhancing visibility and recognition in the medical community.


    Strategic Actions:

    1. Individual Profiles: Created dedicated sections for each physician, highlighting their research, publications, and professional achievements.

    2. Content Showcase: Developed a content strategy that emphasized the group's cutting-edge cancer research, surgical techniques, and contributions to the field of urology.

    3. Online Engagement: Utilized social media channels to disseminate relevant content, engage with the medical community, and grow the group's online footprint.



    NorthShore Urology successfully established a robust online presence, showcasing their research, accolades, and expertise. The user-friendly website allowed for easy updates and served as a dynamic platform for individual and collective achievements.


    The social media strategy contributed to increased visibility within the medical community, driving targeted traffic to the website. The personalized approach to Personal & Professional Branding empowered the physicians to amplify their impact and recognition in the field of urology.


    Stronger processes & operations make stronger organizations. Contact us for a free quote.

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